Windows 7 Speedup Tutorial i love windows 7

               How To Make Windows 7

The way to make Windows 7 run faster is to first ensure that your computer is able to properly run all the software that you want, and then that the system has all the correct settings / options which allow it to run smoothly. The good news is that, unlike previous versions of Windows, Windows 7 will only be slowed down because of a few small problems that can occur inside the system itself. Fortunately, using the steps outlined on this page should resolve 90% of Win7 speed issues on your system – allowing your computer to run much smoother as a result.

What causes Windows 7 To Run Slower?.

The processes which can make Windows 7 run slower include the likes of having too many programs running at once on your system, having a series of potential issues with the settings of your system, and your computer generally having a number of problems with its settings / options. To fix these problems, you need to be able to get rid of any of the potential issues that your computer may have, which should speed it up a lot.
How To Make Windows 7 Run Faster?.
The first step to make Windows 7 run faster is to initially ensure that you are able to get rid of any of the issues that Windows might have with its software. You should click onto “Start” > “Control Panel” > “Add / Remove Programs” and uninstall any of the software that you don’t want on your PC. This will ensure that the programs don’t load up, allowing your computer to run much smoother again as a result. This works for PCs which generally have a large number of programs installed, as well as software that’s not able to run smoothly.
The recommended way to make Windows 7 run faster is to use a program called a “registry cleaner” to fix any of the issues that this system may have. These tools are widely used to get rid of any of the corrupted / damaged settings that your PC may have inside – allowing your system to run much smoother as a result. The registry database is continually being used to help your computer read all the important options that it needs to run – including everything from your desktop wallpaper to your most recent emails.

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